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Phillip Ouellette: drums, vocals 2000-2002
Biography by Mario Mesquita Borges - Courtesy of

Andrew King (vocals, guitar), Tyler Pollard (bass, vocals), and Jonathan Gorman (drums, vocals) are the elements of the Control Group. Applying simple melodies to energizing and artsy pop/rock style features, the Boston-born trio first assembled in 1997 after the break-up of King and Pollard's previous band, The Doosies. Consistently putting together a respectable fan base at local clubs, The Control Group eventually gained considerable airplay on the radio due to their catchy and thrilling themes.

Inspired by the tunes of bands such as Radiohead and Pixies, the three-piece released their defining album in 1999. "An Elaborate System of Pulleys and Levers" corroborated the band's aptness in constructing shattering melodies and rocking themes, endorsing the band's success on the Boston music scene.

The band played their “last” show on January 24, 2002.

They later reunited to open for pals, The Sheila Divine on December 27, 2007 - @ The Paradise, Boston

An Elaborate System

of Pulleys and Levers (1999)

'An Elaborate System of Pulleys and Levers' was recorded on a budget computer and mixed by Bill Wadman. The record brought The Control Group fans and friends from around the globe. Listen on Spotify


Animated Flash video (1999)

Produced in Flash, Mike Wislocki and Andrew King animated the video for It was viewed more than half a million times and is featured in the book 'Flash Frames: A New Pop Culture.'

Keller McGuinness: guitar 1997
"...the soothing musings of Andrew King's vocals bring the energy level to a more sublime state. Both intelligent and emotional, TCG combines accessible pop with melodic form. The result is catchy without being patronizing. All attention paid, the audience looks upon the stage with twinkling eyes, kind of like when you first see someone you're attracted to walk into the room..."

- Anne Weeks
The Noise | June 1999 |Issue 192

“…Falling somewhere between the anthemic sounds of Oxford England’s Radiohead and the aggressively succinct sound of Belfast Northern Ireland’s Ash, The Control Group concoct their own blend of Ameri-pop…Their sound speaks for itself, filled to the brim with substantive guitar, bass, and percussion work, while being led forth by sensible and coherent lyrics that actually mean something…”

- Annette Lacey (24-7)

Website 1.0


Winning Macromedia's "Shocked Site of the Day", The Control Group's website garnered attention for its use of "vector video" - a rotoscoping technique for turning video into low bandwidth shapes, and brought half a million visitors to the site in a single weekend.

Website 2.0


To prepare for their upcoming cd release, The Control Group revamped their website with a design by Adam Otcasek. Built by Squarewave, the site featured a drag and drop mp3 player and a dynamic soundscape.

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